A story to tell

This is my opportunity to tell Sphes story. He’s one of PMBs success stories. When I say that I mean that Sphe used to live on the street but has gone through rehab and is now clean. He has started to connect with his aunts and family again this fall. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to be a part of it and support him through this. During my time here, Sphe and I have had lessons, where I helped him with all school related subjects. I am so proud over him and I belive that he will finnsh high school and become what ever he wants to be. This man is the one that always gave me a smile when I saw him. He has been a lovely neighbor, and I am sorry that I scared you the first morning, when you played music way too loud (see blog post ”Good Morning Anna”). But with no further ado, I will let Sphe tell his story, enjoy and be ready to feel emotional. At the moment are the wi-fi so bad that the video can’t upload but I promise that it will come up when I am back in Sweden. Until then can you read the story. So sorry for this!


Tired girl checking out.

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